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Joshua Herr

Joshua Herr

I'm an early 30's tech nerd with an interest in politics. I enjoy hiking with my dog Kido (kee-dough), skiing, and participating in my local community. I have been serving as an acting "State Lead" of the party to build out the initial party
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  • published Colorado Forward Party Monthly Townhall in Events 2024-02-20 15:28:06 -0700

    Colorado Forward Party Monthly Townhall

    Monthly Public Townhall to engage our members and the public re: ongoing activities and happenings with the Colorado Forward Party. Great opportunity for new members to introduce themselves and meet other Forwardists!

    March 06, 2024 at 6:00pm
    Google Meet
    Online, CO
    United States
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  • wants to volunteer 2024-02-16 15:19:44 -0700


    Join the team to help save democracy and fix our broken government.

    The work of building a new national political party from scratch is no easy task, but we're blessed with a community of talented, thoughtful, intelligent and humble activists, organizers and leaders. If you'd like to help grow this movement and build a thriving, community-driven coalition in your state, we'd love to have you. Join the Forward Party to fix our broken democracy and build a better future. Not exactly sure how to help but want to learn more? Sign up to volunteer and you'll receive more information on how to get involved.

    We also have more defined volunteer positions that we need help with now.

    Become a volunteer
  • rsvped for CoFo Westminster Meet and Greet 2024-02-11 11:02:05 -0700

    CoFo Westminster Meet and Greet

    Calling all coffee lovers and community enthusiasts in Westminster! ☕️

    Join your neighbors for a warm and welcoming meet-and-greet at Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters, happening Saturday, February 24th at 10:00 AM. This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow residents, make new friends, and enjoy delicious coffee in a relaxed setting.

    Whether you're a longtime local or new to the area, Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters is the perfect place to gather and get to know each other. With its cozy atmosphere and friendly baristas, you'll feel right at home.

    So come on down, grab a cup of your favorite brew, and join us for an afternoon of laughter, conversation, and community building. We can't wait to see you there!

    Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters 8850 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO 80031

    Saturday, February 24th @ 10:00am

    P.S. Don't forget to check out Sweet Bloom's delicious selection of pastries and light bites! 🥐

    February 24, 2024 at 10:00am
    Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters
    8850 Westminster Blvd
    Westminster, CO 80031
    United States
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  • Better Future

    Envisioning a Better Future

    FORWARD is here for the long haul, not just the next election cycle. We’re building both a political home and a grassroots movement of members, supporters, volunteers, candidates and office holders who embody decency, civility, respectful fact-based discourse, cooperation, compromise, accountable execution and leadership.


    Candidates and elected officials who share our guiding principles and values may publicly affiliate with us by signing the Colorado Forward Party Pledge, agree to govern according to those principles—without having to relinquish their current party membership. This means that we will, for the foreseeable future, rub elbows and break bread with FORWARD Democrats, FORWARD Republicans, and FORWARD Independents.


    As stewards of democracy, FORWARD and its affiliates will prioritize a variety of long-term visions that, we believe, will better prepare citizens throughout our society for emerging challenges and opportunities. The decisions we make today will impact both current and future generations. Let’s get this right. Now.

  • Forgotten Majority

    Empowering the Forgotten Majority

    We exist, as a party, to empower independent-minded voters in the state of Colorado, often referred to as the “exhausted” or “forgotten majority”.


    Our platform enables Coloradans to understand the values we stand for, to identify and support smart, decent, honest candidates and elected officials. FORWARD-aligned leaders work together, reaching across partisan lines, to make pragmatic, common-sense decisions and enact solutions that meet the needs of the majority of citizens in our communities.


    As a party within the state of Colorado, FORWARD’s primary roles are: first, to vet potential candidates and elected officials who share our values, who exemplify the character we expect from all our affiliates, and second, to trust voters to select the candidates whose policies and practices best represent their interests.

  • Diverse Local Platform

    Building Diverse Local Platforms from the Ground Up

    We are building a political community of smart people who can work together to solve complex problems with common-sense solutions that require nuance and compromise. FORWARD and candidates who choose to affiliate with us will build local policy platforms in each electoral jurisdiction, ranging from school districts and municipalities, to counties, congressional districts, and the entire state. We’ll do so by inviting and listening deeply to citizens with diverse voices and viewpoints, focused on solving real, complex problems facing their communities.


    FORWARD’s approach stands in stark contrast to conventional, top-down platforms and policies dictated by national central committees. We will develop local platforms organically, from the ground up, fed by input from those who live and work in the community, as well as candidates and elected officials who represent that particular community. Since no two communities in Colorado are alike (think, for example, Boulder and Colorado Springs, or the Front Range and the Western Slope), it’s likely no two platforms will be identical.


    That’s the beauty and single most compelling differentiator between FORWARD and other political parties.


    The common ground on which we stand is a set of shared principles and values, which ensure and enhance accountability, transparency, and party unity while creating a strong yet flexible foundation for effective collaboration.

  • Utterly Unique Platform

    Offering Voters an Utterly Unique Platform

    In alignment with the National FORWARD party, the Colorado Forward Party offers voters an unusual and utterly unique political platform—distinct from any other major or minor party in the state.


    We do not, and will not, take specific stands or dictate any top-down party “positions” on any of the hot-button electoral issues of the day—abortion, immigration, education, healthcare, taxes, racism, infrastructure, climate change, you name it.


    Instead of adopting an inflexible stance on inevitably divisive policies, or focusing solely on the outcome of a specific election, such as the Presidency, FORWARD’S platform emphasizes shared values and strong character, as well as a handful of vital principles and practices. We believe this will drive the collaborative discovery and implementation of more effective results that meet the unique needs of voters in each of our communities statewide. 

  • published Colorado Platform - Positioning in Platform 2024-01-29 16:24:28 -0700

    Colorado Platform - Positioning

    In alignment with the National FORWARD party, the Colorado Forward Party offers voters an unusual and utterly unique political platform—distinct from any other major or minor party in the state.

    In that vein, the party will not take positions on specific policies, but rather foster a party based on values and principles and building platforms around our local communities - platforms that represent each community best.

    The party has four principles around the party's position and place in elections. You can read about each of these positions below:

  • Independent Redistricting Commissions


    Gerrymandering, or blatant partisan manipulation of congressional voting districts designed to favor their own candidates, often when their parties would be otherwise outnumbered, is a persistent cancer on the body of American politics. Combined with ranked choice voting and nonpartisan primaries, independent redistricting commissions would act as a welcome beacon of fairness and prevent the major parties from unduly swaying the outcomes of our elections.  We are fortunate in Colorado to have independent redistricting since 2018.  But we must stay vigilant to not revert to partisan gerrymandering and slowly make every district in Colorado more competitive.

  • Nonpartisan Primaries


    Currently, by design, most primary elections are closed to all voters not registered with one of the two major parties, effectively silencing their voices at the very beginning of an election cycle. Open primaries to all parties, without favor, could cultivate a political landscape in which candidates will find themselves accountable to the entire electorate, regardless of party affiliation. At present, nearly 50% of voters in Colorado are registered independents. Nonpartisan primaries would engage every voter in the state.

  • Ranked Choice Voting


    Ranked Choice Voting (RCV/IRV/STV) will remove the “spoiler” effect that currently plagues minor parties and unaffiliated candidates, who are often accused of taking away votes from one or the other of the two major parties. Wherever it is adopted, RCV allows voters to choose among a greater set of options on the ballot, by ensuring no vote is ever wasted. RCV allows voters to safely support their first-choice candidate, by rank ordering all candidates, knowing that the ultimate winner will emerge with an actual majority of votes cast in that particular race. RCV will enable any minor political party to participate equally in elections, not just FORWARD. Knowing a race will be conducted by RCV may inspire voters to research candidates beyond their own party affiliation. RCV doesn't necessarily cause new leaders to get elected. It changes their incentives and policies/ laws to get reelected.

  • published Colorado Platform - Initiatives in Platform 2024-01-28 15:00:21 -0700

    Colorado Platform - Initiatives

    We support three initiatives in particular which we believe will introduce healthier competition and generate a wider range of innovative options at the ballot box. These three initiatives will make it easier for all eligible citizens, including independents, to participate equally in all stages of the voting process, including primaries, while maintaining the integrity of our elections.

  • Electoral Systemic Reform

    PRINCIPLE #8: Electoral Systemic Reform

    FORWARD affiliates and candidates will endeavor to recognize systemic flaws in our courts and electoral processes, while supporting specific reforms as antidotes to the poisons of polarization and extremism that currently threatens the lifeblood of our democracy.


    We support three initiatives in particular which we believe will introduce healthier competition and generate a wider range of innovative options at the ballot box. These three initiatives will make it easier for all eligible citizens, including independents, to participate equally in all stages of the voting process, including primaries, while maintaining the integrity of our elections.

  • published Colorado Principles - Rule of Law in Colorado Principles 2024-01-29 16:26:17 -0700

    Rule of Law


    The FORWARD party expects candidates to honor, respect and abide by the rule of law, and the precepts of the Constitution, which include both the rights and the responsibilities that come with citizenship in the United States. Our candidates must accept the outcomes of legal elections, as validated by nonpartisan commissions and the courts, if necessary. As winners, we will be humble, and when we lose, we will be gracious


    Rationale: As Americans, we have a Constitution and a judicial system that strives, albeit with flaws and imperfections, to interpret and validate the laws and ensure the rights of all citizens. If we begin to hold ourselves or our party above the law, we cannot expect anyone else to obey the rules, and respect our rights under the law and chaos will ensue.

  • published Colorado Principles - Objectivity in Colorado Principles 2024-01-29 16:26:45 -0700



    We staunchly believe that political parties, engaged citizens, and elected officials should feel free to vigorously introduce, debate, and compete with one another in open forums over differing values, principles, and ideas. Nevertheless, if we are to work toward solutions that benefit the greatest number of our citizens, must also find common ground on which to build something new. FORWARD believes that verifiable facts and objective evidence can serve as common ground, especially when feelings and opinions differ.


    Rationale: Mutually agreed on facts can facilitate constructive conversations, balance claims with evidence, and foster the formulation of more productive policies. Personal attacks, groundless conspiracy theories, and fearmongering have no place in the democratic process.

  • published Colorado Principles - Integrity in Colorado Principles 2024-01-29 16:27:56 -0700



    We expect FORWARD members and affiliates to uphold the highest standards of honesty, integrity, accountability, and civic responsibility. We intend to call out dishonesty and corruption, wherever we may find it, within or without the party. We support full political transparency—disclosing our donor sources, inhibiting the influence of lobbyists, and revealing potential conflicts of interest.


    Rationale: Voters, supporters, pundits and opponents will judge us not only on our policy positions, but on our personal character and behavior. That behavior reflects well or poorly on the party, influencing future elections and legislation. Only by holding ourselves, first, to high standards of conduct can our citizens hold us accountable to their needs, without succumbing to outside influences, interests or incentives.

  • published Colorado Principles - Civility in Colorado Principles 2024-01-29 16:28:15 -0700



    We invite FORWARD candidates, officials and affiliates to approach everyone with grace, tolerance and curiosity, striving to find ways to lift people up rather than knock them down. We encourage all citizens to exercise their freedom in a manner that is respectful of others’ rights, opinions, and ideas—even, or especially, when we disagree.


    Rationale: We believe all citizens should be able to participate freely in our democratic processes by running for office, holding office, supporting their chosen candidates, and advocating for changes they desire without fear of being harassed, threatened, or harmed, physically, mentally, or emotionally.

  • Accountability


    Regardless of their current political affiliation, FORWARD candidates and elected officials will strive, specifically, to serve the people who vote them into office, whom they have sworn an oath to represent. We consider it our primary purpose to make decisions, enact statutes, regulations, and laws that benefit the majority of voters within our local communities and, ultimately, to be accountable primarily to our citizens.


    Rationale: The public interest must always come before either party interests or one’s personal agenda, otherwise the entire concept of representative democracy will disintegrate and we’ll be left with nothing but authoritarian parties and politicians.


    Cultivating a Different Kind of Political Leader


    We’re building a party consisting, first and foremost, of highly ethical individuals. We believe that character matters. We trust, too, that when leaders embrace FORWARD principles and values, regardless of where they stand on the issues, good things will naturally follow.