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Better Future

Envisioning a Better Future

FORWARD is here for the long haul, not just the next election cycle. We’re building both a political home and a grassroots movement of members, supporters, volunteers, candidates and office holders who embody decency, civility, respectful fact-based discourse, cooperation, compromise, accountable execution and leadership.


Candidates and elected officials who share our guiding principles and values may publicly affiliate with us by signing the Colorado Forward Party Pledge, agree to govern according to those principles—without having to relinquish their current party membership. This means that we will, for the foreseeable future, rub elbows and break bread with FORWARD Democrats, FORWARD Republicans, and FORWARD Independents.


As stewards of democracy, FORWARD and its affiliates will prioritize a variety of long-term visions that, we believe, will better prepare citizens throughout our society for emerging challenges and opportunities. The decisions we make today will impact both current and future generations. Let’s get this right. Now.