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Community Organizers

Community Organizations are the heart of the Colorado Forward Party. Our priorities, goals, and execution come through our community organizations. We cannot thank our local Community Organization leaders for building the party in their communities, listening to their neighbors and peers, and creating a channel for the party to effectively represent our communities here in Colorado. Below is a list of our current Community Organizations and their leaders.

Don't see your community listed below? Reach out to the Colorado Forward Party and we'll help you build your community organization, every step along the way!


Colorado Springs Community

The Colorado Springs Community encompasses all of the greater Colorado Springs area. The Colorado Springs Community has been incredibly active at local events, particularly in Colorado Springs. 

Community Organizer Lead: Wes Sawyer


Crestone Community

Crestone may be a small-populace area, but the Forward Party is making waves across the community, thanks in large part to our fearless leader, Valerie Herenchak! Valerie has been leading the charge on petition signing efforts in the Crestone area and has been extremely active in the community, both as a citizen and as a leader in the Forward Party. Keep up with the Crestone Community for more events and information!

Community Organizer Lead: Valerie Herenchak


Fort Collins Community

The Fort Collins Community has been gaining significant traction over the last year! The Fort Collins community is comprised of two parts of the community - Colorado State University and the greater Fort Collins area. The two groups, of course, are not mutually exclusive. The CSU chapter of the Forward Party is looking for a new leader.  Know a CSU student who may be interested in stepping up?  Let us know at [email protected]

Community Organizer Lead: Paige Rose & Dylan Herrmann


Grand Valley Community

The Grand Valley is organized by one of our Executive Committee members, Wendy Petry! The Grand Valley is a great area with a lot of opportunities to recruit fellow Forwardists, host awesome events, and engage with another community that geographically and culturally brings well-appreciated diversity of thought to our state party. The Grand Valley includes Grand Junction (Clifton and Orchard Mesa too), Palisade and Fruita.

Community Organizer: Wendy Petry


Teller County Community

The Teller County Community is organized by one of our Executive Committee members, Lindsay Breyer. Teller County is a wonderful area with great people that are working to protect their schools and local government.

Community Organizer: Lindsay Breyer