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The Colorado Forward Party is committed to data-driven dialogues in our communities. A big part to meeting that desire starts with educating our members and communities on various topics and current events. Our goal is to leave as much bias out of our conversations and equip our citizens with the knowledge and diverse perspectives to yield their own conclusions. The Colorado Forward Party has hosted a number of educational series events with this goal in mind. We also host training sessions for our members, such as how to speak about Forward and how to gather petition signatures. Check back regularly for more educational events and be sure to check on the Forward Colorado Calendar to attend our educational events live!

Also, don't forget to visit the Colorado Forward Party Youtube Channel for all of our videos and content!

Below are some of our past events and trainings:

Alternative Voting Method Series

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Proportional Representation

Proportional Representation is a method by which elections distribute the votes proportionally and fairly. It is not exactly a method of voting, rather it's a method of distributing votes along representatives. Proportional Representation can take...
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Organization Education Series

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