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Alternative Voting Method Series

The party has been running an educational series on Alternative Voting Methods. If you're curious about a small tweak in how we run our democracy that may yield promising results, check out this series! We have brought in experts from various organizations across the country that focus on reforming mechanisms for democracy. We highly recommend this series, particularly as the state party looks towards our priorities in the next election cycles.


What are Alternative Voting Methods?

Alternative Voting Methods are different mechanisms that can be employed for people to vote. Instead of checking a box next to one candidate you like, how else could you express your opinion and perspective on who you believe would do the best job from the available candidates? What if your first choice doesn't have a chance? Should you vote for the one that has the best shot of winning? Different methods of voting promote different over-arching sociological trends in both the electorate and constituency satisfaction. Finding which methods work best in different communities, we believe, is a solid strategy for helping to grease the cogs of our political system.

If you have an idea for an addition to the Voting Method series, please reach out to the State Leadership.

Proportional Representation

Proportional Representation is a method by which elections distribute the votes proportionally and fairly. It is not exactly a method of voting, rather it's a method of distributing votes along representatives. Proportional Representation can take...
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