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Grow the Colorado Forward Party

What We're Focused On

The Colorado Forward Party is working towards a number of key initiatives in the state to establish ourselves, build on our moment, and working to build a stronger democracy. Your donations are critical to our success here! Your donations will be helping us with our goals of:

  • Becoming a Minor Party - The Secretary of State's office in Colorado requires 10,000 signatures from registered Colorado voters in the state to be formally recognized as a minor party. Becoming a minor party gives us ballot access to run our own candidates as well as other benefits.
  • Identify and Recruit Forward Candidates - We are working to build relationships with leaders across the state in order to establish infrastructure for future Party work.
  • Structural Reform - We're working to build a democracy that is more receptive and responsive to the people. We have started identifying key structural reforms to build a vibrant, multi-party democracy - such as Ranked Choice Voting - and we are working hard to get RCV enacted across the state!


How Your Donation Helps

Your donations are an important part of the movement! Every little bit helps and we are eternally grateful for everyone willing to chip in any amount!

What your donations are used for...


  • $5 Donation - You help keep the Forwardist Volunteers caffeinated while we work late or early in the morning towards democracy reform!
  • $10 Donation - You help the Forward Party host fun events, like our Rank the Beer with Ranked Choice Voting events across the state!
  • $20 Donation - You provide the funds to send out one of our volunteer starter kits or our Circle of 100 Packet Kits to a dedicated volunteer in the state!
  • $50 Donation - You help the Colorado Forward Party with purchasing signs, flags, tents, and other helpful merchandise for tabling and hosting events - with cool Forward logos and language, of course!
  • $100 Donation  - You help us purchase a booth at a notable event, increasing our name recognition, notoriety, and petition signing ability! You're a rockstar!