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Executive Committee Elections

The Colorado Forward Party is electing its first Executive Committee! As the party has expanded in members, volunteers, and scope, we need a more formalized leadership body to meet our growing needs and move our state party FORWARD. Applications to be Executive Committee candidates will be accepted from May 19th through June 9th. We welcome all persons and voices to apply! You can find more information on the EC Announcement blog post.


Leadership Team

The Colorado Forward Party has just elected their first Executive Committee! These incredible individuals will be leading the party into the next phase of party-building and growth!

Meet the new Executive Committee!


Community Organizations

The Colorado Forward Party is powered by our local communities! We are working to build the Forward Party directly in communities across the state. We are always looking for Community Organizers to lead in their local chapters of the Forward Party. It's not a big commitment and encourages Forwardists to plug into their communities and really start talking with their neighbors and peers. Click below to check out our current community organizations!

Community Organizations Page