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The COLORADO FORWARD PARTY (FORWARD) is a new kind of political party - with a platform centered on principles & values first, policies second, while modeling innovative ways of restoring the voices and choices of every voter in America.  Character matters to us.  Putting community, state, and country before party matters to us.  Empowering independents and the forgotten majority matters to us.  Providing more choice of who we vote for and how we vote matters to us.


You can also view the National Forward Party's Principles.


The Colorado Platform is split up into three sections: Party PositionPrinciples, and Initiatives. The combination of these three cornerstones provides the structural framework for the Forward Party's candidates and the code of conduct for Forward Party elected officials.

Colorado Principles

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PRINCIPLE #1: MODERATION We expect all FORWARD candidates, affiliates, and elected officials to embrace moderation over polarization, reject extremism, and be willing to compromise whenever they address tough issues, electoral challenges, and...
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Colorado Platform - Positioning

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Colorado Platform - Initiatives

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