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Ranked Choice Voting


Ranked Choice Voting (RCV/IRV/STV) will remove the “spoiler” effect that currently plagues minor parties and unaffiliated candidates, who are often accused of taking away votes from one or the other of the two major parties. Wherever it is adopted, RCV allows voters to choose among a greater set of options on the ballot, by ensuring no vote is ever wasted. RCV allows voters to safely support their first-choice candidate, by rank ordering all candidates, knowing that the ultimate winner will emerge with an actual majority of votes cast in that particular race. RCV will enable any minor political party to participate equally in elections, not just FORWARD. Knowing a race will be conducted by RCV may inspire voters to research candidates beyond their own party affiliation. RCV doesn't necessarily cause new leaders to get elected. It changes their incentives and policies/ laws to get reelected.