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Colorado Principles

How it Works

Our platform will be built by listening to members of the community and working with them to identify the issues that really matter, and then develop solutions that can be supported by the majority. We will provide multiple avenues for you to communicate your issues, ideas, and concerns to us. Do you have an issue that is not being addressed by the current parties? Is there a community initiative that you like Forward to become involved with? Let us know! We are compiling ideas from communities across Colorado to identify what really matters to our voters and how we can help make a difference for the better. We’ll use this information to identify our priorities, develop realistic solutions, and establish goals and objectives for our party efforts. We will also keep our communities updated on our priorities and activities to make sure we are aligned with the voters.

How you can Help

We want to hear from you!

Take our Community Survey to tell us what we can do to help make your community a better place to live.

Tell us in person what’s on your mind. Check our Event Calendar to find a meeting near you.

Want to help out? Sign Up to become a volunteer.

Do you want to support us but don’t have time to volunteer? Make a donation to the Colorado Forward Party.

Current Colorado Principles: