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Diverse Local Platform

Building Diverse Local Platforms from the Ground Up

We are building a political community of smart people who can work together to solve complex problems with common-sense solutions that require nuance and compromise. FORWARD and candidates who choose to affiliate with us will build local policy platforms in each electoral jurisdiction, ranging from school districts and municipalities, to counties, congressional districts, and the entire state. We’ll do so by inviting and listening deeply to citizens with diverse voices and viewpoints, focused on solving real, complex problems facing their communities.


FORWARD’s approach stands in stark contrast to conventional, top-down platforms and policies dictated by national central committees. We will develop local platforms organically, from the ground up, fed by input from those who live and work in the community, as well as candidates and elected officials who represent that particular community. Since no two communities in Colorado are alike (think, for example, Boulder and Colorado Springs, or the Front Range and the Western Slope), it’s likely no two platforms will be identical.


That’s the beauty and single most compelling differentiator between FORWARD and other political parties.


The common ground on which we stand is a set of shared principles and values, which ensure and enhance accountability, transparency, and party unity while creating a strong yet flexible foundation for effective collaboration.