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Proportional Representation

Proportional Representation is a method by which elections distribute the votes proportionally and fairly. It is not exactly a method of voting, rather it's a method of distributing votes along representatives. Proportional Representation can take different forms and can be used in different ways. One popular method behind proportional representation is using multi-member districts, which means that multiple seats are up for election in a given district and the candidates with the top three votes are elected. Proportional Representation can be used in tandem with any other voting method discussed in our education series.

Dustin Wahl, the national partnerships and communications coordinator from Fix Our House (a great organization founded in part by Lee Drutman, author of The Two-Party Doom Loop) provides a broad and in-depth overview of Proportional Representation, what it looks like at various levels (local, state, and national), and how we can achieve proportional representation across the United States!