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Utterly Unique Platform

Offering Voters an Utterly Unique Platform

In alignment with the National FORWARD party, the Colorado Forward Party offers voters an unusual and utterly unique political platform—distinct from any other major or minor party in the state.


We do not, and will not, take specific stands or dictate any top-down party “positions” on any of the hot-button electoral issues of the day—abortion, immigration, education, healthcare, taxes, racism, infrastructure, climate change, you name it.


Instead of adopting an inflexible stance on inevitably divisive policies, or focusing solely on the outcome of a specific election, such as the Presidency, FORWARD’S platform emphasizes shared values and strong character, as well as a handful of vital principles and practices. We believe this will drive the collaborative discovery and implementation of more effective results that meet the unique needs of voters in each of our communities statewide.