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Wendy Petry

Wendy Lives in Grand Junction, CO. She is retired from a career in public safety on the civilian side. Her administrative super-power was setting and focusing on priorities. She prides herself on being able to recognize and utilize individual employees’ strengths. She was known as a process/system fixer and problem solver. Her strengths may be most beneficial to FWD at the organizational/leadership level.

Wendy is an unaffiliated voter in CO. She has always voted for people rather than being focused on party affiliation. She considers herself a fence-dweller as she can see value in both sides of most issues.

When Andrew Yang made his run for President, Wendy became a supporter in late 2018 and has continued to follow his progress. In 2019-2020, while living in NYC, she volunteered nearly full-time for his presidential campaign and was able to meet him on two occasions. When Humanity Forward and eventually the FWD Party were formed, Wendy signed on to stay abreast of their progress.

Wendy moved to Western Colorado in July 2020. She did a bit of door-knocking for the Dems in the 2020 presidential cycle. When she learned about Restore the Balance, she joined and became the volunteer coordinator during the 2022 cycle where the Boebert/Frisch matchup was the main event. We may never know if Wendy was the first to connect FWD with the Frisch campaign, but she did make an introduction early in the cycle. (That race was so close!)

The importance of FWD becoming a recognized party in Colorado (and in every state) is not lost on Wendy. She also understands that RCV is vital to the ultimate success of FWD and other minor party candidates. She is ready to commit 2-4 hours per day, 2-3 days per week to support the efforts of both FWD and RCV. She has the time and resources to support both of these worthwhile efforts.