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Electoral Reform

Voting Reform

Colorado Forward Party is supporting election reform initiatives state-wide, including ranked-choice voting. The current election system is tilted in favor of the increasingly dysfunctional two-party system. We want to provide voters with more choices in our elections, promote civil discourse, and ensure everyone’s vote counts. <link?>

Non-Partisan Primaries

Colorado currently enjoys semi-open primaries in which Unaffiliated voters can choose to participate in either of the two major party primaries. This is a step in the right direction however the semi-open primary system still aims to shut third parties out of the election process by discouraging voters to affiliate with third parties, because if a Colorado voter affiliates with a third-party, they may only participate in that party's primary, even if the party is smaller and has less candidates available. Non-partisan (Open) primaries give voters the opportunity to choose amongst a field of candidates from different parties rather than being forced into a single-party primary.