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Executive Committee Announcement

The Colorado Forward Party has elected its first-ever Executive Committee! This dedicated group of leaders will champion the party forward into the next phase of party building and growth!

With a ton of votes in, the Colorado Forward Party members have spoken and elected their first Executive Committee! This committee will be focused on fundraising, candidate/official recruitment, and finishing minor party status registration. The committee will act as the elected body of the Colorado Forward Party until the completion of the minor party status initiative and ratification of the state party by-laws. At that time, a new election will be run under the official party by-laws to elect the governing body moving forward.

This new Executive Committee comes at a crucial juncture in the state party history. The Colorado Forward Party has been gaining significant traction in the state and our brand awareness has increased significantly. As we move forward as a party, it's time to look at the next of the Forward Party and look towards identifying competitive races for the state party to compete in and recruiting wonderful Forward candidates to compete in those races! There is a lot of exciting work on the horizon for the Colorado Forward Party, and we couldn't have asked for a better group of community leaders to move this party and the stateĀ Forward.

You can read more about the new Executive Committee leaders on ourĀ Leadership Page. Please feel free to reach out to the new EC with your thoughts and feelings for the party and the state as well as any other advice or assistance you can provide!

Meet the Colorado Executive Team!

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