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Colorado Forward Party Gains Minor Party Recognition

Our new Party is only the second to attain recognition through public petitioning since the ‘90s, showing the grassroots support behind the Forward Movement in the Centennial State!

On January 25, 2024, the Colorado Secretary of State announced that the Colorado Forward Party has been granted minor party status. Attaining this vital milestone caps a year-long effort by a passionate and dedicated team of volunteers. Becoming a minor party means that the Forward Party will now be able to provide ballot access and other support to candidates aligned with our values—something that the state party plans to use to run candidates in down-ballot races in the ‘24 cycle.    

“Over 17,000 Coloradans petitioned for us to be a new political party because they know the  common-sense majority in this state and country are feeling abandoned by the two legacy parties who increasingly cater to their extremes,” said Rich Herrmann, Chairman of Colorado Forward’s Executive Committee

Forward’s co-Chair and former governor of New Jersey Christine Todd Whitman echoed this sentiment: “This is a giant step in giving Colorado voters the ability to support sensible, centrist candidates who pledge to work with anyone to solve problems and will represent their constituents and not a party out of Washington.”

Forward’s national co-Chair Andrew Yang had praise for the effort of Forward members in the state: “Congratulations to the grassroots volunteers and leaders who worked so hard to get this recognition—it’s an amazing accomplishment.

The Colorado Forward Party is advancing a values-based platform that emphasizes candidate character and integrity over policy positions and ideology; fact-based policy making over conspiracy theories; community involvement; and electoral reforms that will give voters more and better choices in our elections at all levels of the government.

State Chair Rich Herrmann highlighted that over 47% of registered voters in Colorado are unaffiliated, making up a plurality that dwarfs the size of either legacy party: “Colorado Forward Party is creating a new home for these voters who are tired of partisan leaders more interested in winning political points than serving their constituents.”

Over the next few months, the Colorado Forward Party will be focusing on outreach as well as identifying and supporting Colorado candidates aligned with our values.

The leaders and members of the Colorado Forward Party all work to promote the Forward Party’s values:


Forward empowers State leaders to prioritize the challenges facing their communities and to find solutions that work locally. We won’t dictate a rigid, top-down policy platform and expect it to work for every Forward member in America. 


Forward welcomes fearless, respectful, and balanced conversations around the most difficult issues of the day. We won’t silence debate because it is uncomfortable or refuse to adapt to the modern world.


Forward strives for collaborative solutions. We believe we are stronger when we are clear what we are working for, and we embrace partners who share our goals. 


Forward is creating a political home for everyone willing to work together in good faith to find practical, smart ways to solve America’s challenges.


Forward believes that the first step toward reuniting Americans across the political divide is to listen attentively and compassionately to each other’s problems and aspirations. 


Forward believes in approaching one another with respect for the dignity that lives in each of us. Our policies and campaigns will seek to elevate and empower people to seek their unique version of the American Dream.


Forward supports election reform policies such as ranked-choice voting and open, nonpartisan primaries to bring more competition and better options to the ballot in local elections. No candidate should run unopposed and no voter should feel disappointed by their choices on the ballot. 

As more and more Americans grow sick of the outdated two-party system in this country, more and more elected officials are finding a welcoming home in the Forward Party. “We’re seeing an unprecedented number of elected leaders reach out to us, tired of being told what’s best for their constituents by out-of-touch party leaders,” said Lindsey Williams Drath, Forward Party’s CEO. “We believe that voters put people in office in order to solve their problems, and the Forward Party is creating space for these public servants to do just that, without requiring them to adopt policy positions they don’t believe in or know won’t work just to toe the party line.”

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