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John Lembke

John is an engineer by training. He has worked in several industries including oil and gas, lighting, aerospace, and tech. He is currently a program manager on Seagate's business process management team. He has experience leading diverse teams in multiple organizations

He was an engineering manager at GE and an operations manager at Honeybee Robotics. He is also a director at a voting reform advocacy organization in Colorado.

His journey to joining Forward started several years ago listening to a podcast. It explained how our political dysfunction is a systems problem. Our primary process and plurality voting system punishes politicians that compromise and gives outsized power to the most extreme constituents. He wants to see us implement structural changes to our election system.

He is also very open to a wide range of solutions to problems. He would like to see us focus on problems and try many solutions to fix the problem instead of having a hard and fast position without any discussion of other solutions. He is excited about Forward's push to make data driven decisions when implementing policy.

He has a wife and two young daughters. He is here to give them the best future he can. He lives in Longmont and loves cycling, craft beer, and spending time outdoors with his family.