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Lindsay Breyer

Lindsay Breyer has been a volunteer with the Colorado Forward Party since September of
2022. He served as a community organizer in Colorado Springs, and is now acting in that role
in Teller County. He became interested in FORWARD after seeing an interview with Andrew
Yang on television which provided a glimmer of hope after an otherwise dismal newscast.
Mr. Breyer had a 45-year career in the environmental, health, and safety field. He has held
positions in the federal government, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and consulting.
His professional experience includes assessment and cleanup of hazardous waste sites,
managing chemical safety programs for large manufacturing facilities, and managing other
aspects of industry compliance with environmental and worker safety regulations. He retired in
2020 but still provides consulting services to select clients on a part-time basis. He holds a BA
in Chemistry from the University of Colorado and an MS in Environmental Science and
Engineering from Colorado School of Mines.
Lindsay is divorced and lives in Divide, Colorado. He is a volunteer stage hand at Curious
Theater Company in Denver, and enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and camping.

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