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Michael Muller - Treasurer

Michael is currently the Treasurer for the Colorado Forward Party. Michael Muller is a results-driven professional with a passion for driving positive change in various aspects of his life. Currently serving as the Process Improvement Lead at Children's Hospital Colorado in Aurora, CO, Michael demonstrates exceptional leadership and strategic thinking in revolutionizing operations and optimizing efficiency.

During the challenging times of the Covid pandemic, Michael spearheaded numerous flow transformations at Children's Hospital Colorado, delivering significant improvements in the Perioperative Operating Rooms (ORs). Through his strategic approach, he successfully achieved over $2 million in savings, enabling the hospital to enhance the quality of care provided to young patients.

With a diverse background, Michael has a track record of success in implementing transformative initiatives. Previously, he collaborated with the University of Colorado School of Medicine to analyze impaired physical function as a predictor for falls in the elderly during his tenure at InnovAge. At DaVita, Michael played a pivotal role in re-engineering processes related to the implementation of an $8 billion billing system. He also showcased his leadership skills at Lockheed Martin, where he successfully initiated and managed the startup of a manufacturing plant, contributing to a significant reduction in live fire incidents in Iraq.

Beyond his professional achievements, Michael is deeply committed to making a positive impact on the community through volunteer work. As a dedicated Big Brother through the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Colorado, Inc., he serves as a mentor and role model to young children, providing invaluable guidance, support, and friendship. Additionally, Michael has volunteered his time as an English teacher in Chennai, India, exemplifying his passion for education and global outreach.

In his personal life, Michael finds fulfillment in his loving relationship with his spouse. Together, they share their home with their two dogs, Ruby and Blueberry, creating a warm and supportive environment. During his leisure time, Michael engages in nerdy board games, satiates his wanderlust through traveling, and actively seeks opportunities to give back to his community

Michael’s core values are:

  • Doing what is Right, because it is Right.
  • Live for today, without sacrificing too many tomorrows.
  • Be who you want to be, and change as that changes.
  • Find opportunities to take chances, and make a difference.
  • Live life with Love, and choose happiness.


Michael’s has joined the forward party because he believes that:

  1. The Forward Party is a Community First, a Movement Second, and a Party Third
  2. Structural Reform can bring us Together and be a Force for Good
  3. Laws should be about what’s best for All, not just the Elite
  4. Giving Power back to The People we can make All Americans lives better
  5. All People are created Equal, and all votes should be Equal too
  6. Facts are more important than Talking Points
  7. People should pick their politicians, not the other way around

With his achievements, dedication to volunteer work, and commitment to his core values, Michael Muller hopes to enable people to change world.